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communications strategy
Speaking with a strong message and clear voice connects you with your key audience, whether it’s customers, employees or the media. Creating a powerful, integrated and insightful message platform will support your brand, grow your share of voice in the marketplace and deliver real results.

• Integrated communications programs
• Corporate communications
• Marketing communications
• Alliances and sponsorships

media relations
Whether it’s taking a fresh look at your story, or instituting an innovative approach to articulating your message, our proactive and relationship-based methods will drive results.

• Initiative-based public relations campaigns
• Proactive outreach
• Media briefings and tours
• Research and metrics

executive communications
Maximizing senior leadership’s industry knowledge and business expertise can elevate your company’s reputation and visibility. We’ll create a communication strategy for key executives, ensure proper preparation and training, and research/review the right opportunities to deliver your message most effectively.
reputation management
Your reputation IS everything and today’s key word is transparency. Protecting and elevating your reputation is essential. Our strategic counsel and proactive approach will generate solutions to help in the prevention, preparation and management of a crisis situation.

• Crisis communications
• Issues management

event management
Personal connection with your key audiences is an opportunity to achieve powerful results. From creation of a targeted communication strategy, to meticulous event planning and management, to ensuring visibility with your target audience, we’ll maximize your investment.

• Event planning, management and execution
• Communication strategy
• Publicity, promotion and metrics

committed to making your business priorities our focus. We’ll customize our services, and deliver fresh and compelling ideas that drive results for your business. Roll over a service to learn more.

communications strategymedia relationsexecutive communicationsreputation management

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